He Is Faithful- A New Book Coming Soon and YOU Can Be a Part of It!

Has there ever been a time that God did something remarkable in your life? Maybe he rescued you when there was no hope... maybe He healed you when the Doctors said you wouldn't make it... maybe He protected you through a trial? 
You know, what Satan means for Evil, God CAN use for good but you have to be willing to tell "your story"... 
There are a lot of hurting people out there. People who need hope. People who need to know that it's not too late that God is a God of second chances and that HE still does miracles... 
If you have a story, then we'd like to hear it and it might just be a part of the new book called, "He is Faithful". 
Share this with everyone you know and let's be faithful to tell the world about HIS Faithfulness to us.

To enter your story go to: https://faithfulcrossings.com/faithful-book​​​​​​​

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