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National Radio Release 

We are excited to tell you that you can now call your local Southern Gospel radio, no matter what part of the country you live in and request our song, "Farther Down the Road"!  We hope it is a blessing to you in your walk with the Lord and we hope it encourages you as you walk through valleys.  

DJ's this is the compilation disc you should have received from Family Music Group/BMG.  If you don't have it, you can request one at this link:


Thank you to our fans and friends across the miles for requesting it and thank you to all the DJ's out there for playing it!

Announcing our upcoming release to National Radio!  

We are excited to announce that the first national radio release from our brand new album will be the title song, "Farther Down the Road"! 

This is truly one of our favorite songs both on the CD and in concert.  For each song on this project, we tried to focus on lyrics that would help the listener as they journey through every stage of life and this song just sums it all up...

"Farther down the road you’ll look back and see 

You were never so far that you were out of His reach 

It may seem hopeless now but one day you’ll know 

He always carried you farther down the road"

And, as a little added bonus, we have an a-cappella chorus of "Farther Along" added to the end of the song that we just love.  The writers; Wendy Ferguson and Gene Ezell have truly blessed many with their writing and we believe that this song will also be a huge blessing!  Be listening for it toward the end of March!


DJs: this will be on Les Butler's "Family Music Group" compilation CD- we appreciate you taking the time to listen and to play it!

  1. Farther Down the Road clip

The NEW CDs Have Arrived! 

We just got the shipment of new CDs in today and will be mailing them out right away!  If you have pre-ordered, your copy should arrive this coming week!  If you have been waiting until the final product is here then, wait no more!

Our publisher, Les Butler, had this to say about our project:

"I must first thank my friends, The Coffmans, for introducing me to Faithful Crossings.  I first heard Faithful Crossings on Facebook as they sang a couple of a capella songs.  The blend was very, very good.  After some conversations, I agreed to produce their new recording.  What a great experience on every level. 

These folks are genuine; real!  The only thing larger than their immense talents, are their hearts.  During the recording process, there were multiple "life" moments that could have easily stopped this recording from being completed; very serious, life moments!  They had a laser-like focus on the task at hand.  The were bent on finishing this project which would encourage and challenge the saint, while convicting the sinner. 

The songs are strong, production is very strong and singing is stronger yet! 

Please don't make the mistake of missing out by not listening to this incredible music! 

Simply stated, I am immensely proud of this recording! 

Les Butler, Producer 

Butler Music Group/Family Music Group"


To commemorate this new CD, we're sharing a lyric video of one of the new songs titled: Shepherd of My Soul- you can view it on the home page of our website; just scroll down!


Karen Peck featured on New Faithful Crossings CD 

We're super excited to finally be able to share this awesome news with you! 

Karen Peck Gooch (of Karen Peck & New River) will be featured on one of our songs on our new CD! 

The new CD, titled "Farther Down the Road- Songs for the Journey" is filled with songs that we feel will truly be a blessing to you in your journey... songs that give hope, comfort, peace and joy.  Original songs from great writers like Lee Black, Rebecca Peck, Sue Smith, Jonathan Montgomery and more!  Our producer is Les Butler (BMG) and we've been blessed to work with some of the top musicians in Nashville on this project!

Karen is featured on the song, "Just Can't Wait" written by Jonathan Montgomery and we JUST CAN'T WAIT for you to hear it!  You can go ahead and place your order today and we will ship it to you as soon as it comes in!

To listen to clips & order: 

In the Studio with Les Butler 

NEW VIDEO: We recently began working on our upcoming CD and journeyed from Kansas City, MO down to Music City, USA (Nashville, TN) and spent a few days at Family Room Studios with Les Butler and the staff of Butler Music group along with some of the most talented musicians in Nashville.  After the recording sessions Les filmed a short interview with us on his program: "Southern Gospel 365"  here's that video for you to watch:


Faithful Crossings is headed into the studio with the multi-talented Les Butler and some of Nashville's finest!  We are so excited about this upcoming CD and the message it brings.  The title will be "Farther Down the Road-Songs For the Journey" and we truly believe these songs will lift you up no matter what you are going through!  We'll be tracking (doing the music part) March 22nd then hope to be back in the studio to do vocals in April... if all goes as planned we'll have the new product by this Summer so stay tuned!  And, if you want a little preview of our new music, request a booking date- we still have a few dates available for this year and are already booking concerts for 2018!