“God is Faithful”… You have heard this phrase probably a thousand times before and you have, most likely, used it once or twice yourself… but, do we really believe that?  When trouble or adversity comes our way, do we immediately tell ourselves that God can be found even in the midst of a hopeless situation and that HE has it all under control?  Will we trust Him to comfort us as we face the death of a loved one?  Will we let Him hold us when no one else is around and when we feel as if our world is crashing down around us?  When we are in our most vulnerable state, will we hide in the safety of His almighty hand? 

God has a way of bringing things into our lives that teach us valuable lessons; our lesson was Faithfulness.  And now, His message through us and through the ministry of Faithful Crossings is “Faithfulness.”  If you are facing an insurmountable problem, God is asking you to step out on faith and take that proverbial “road less traveled."  Will you follow Him?  He promises to carry you through each and every “Crossing” in your life, He only asks that you be faithful to follow Him on your journey home.



The new album is finally here and we're excited to share it with you!  To hear a sample of the songs on the new project, click the button below!

News & Updates...

New CD and Commemorative Mugs!

We are so excited to share our new music with you.  We believe that you are going to LOVE this new CD!  The first song out to radio stations is titled, “What's Going On At the Well.”  This song was…

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Tracking at Nashville's Historic Hilltop Studios

We recently returned from tracking for our new album and are so excited to share photos and updates with you!  This session was to lay down the music tracks for the songs that will be on the upcoming project.  We…

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Back in the Studio

We are excited and blessed to be headed back into the studio at the end of this month to record another album with the super-talented, Les Butler, at the helm!  We have some great songs picked out, many from…

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