Professional Photos:

A few pictures from our most recent photo shoot with David Pickering Photography.

These photos will be used for our upcoming CD, "Farther Down the Road- Songs for the Journey"


A few of the photos taken by Emilee Ann Neal of Sage Photography at our fall photo shoot.


During one of our vocal sessions for our new CD, we sat down with our producer, Les Butler, and discussed Curtis' recent MS diagnosis and God's faithfulness...


Candid Videos

Here's some candid videos; the first one was taken on location during a photo shoot.  It was a spontaneous recording- the Cicadeas were chirping and the scenery was so pretty that we just stopped and shot a video of "Farther Along" chorus. 

The second video is us gathered in our living room this past Christmas during a practice session where we recorded a short excerpt of our song "Farther Down the Road"- it is not a professional video but we hope you enjoy it.