Meet Dan...

Dan Wilson has been singing as long as he can remember.  Dan grew up listening to his dad playing old records of the Statesmen, Blackwood Brothers, Happy Goodman Family and the Hinsons.  Groups like these not only helped influence the sound that he has today but they gave him a true love for Southern Gospel music! 

Dan has been singing since he was seven and, through the years, he has sang on stages across the country with various groups as well as solo.  For the past 15 years Dan has led Messengers of Faith Ministries, of whom he was the founder and lead vocalist.  To everything there is a season and God has led Dan to join Faithful Crossings as our new baritone vocalist.  Dan’s lovely wife, Beverly, has always been active in his ministry and we know that she, too, will become an integral part of Faithful Crossings! 

 Some of Dan's favorite interests when not singing include good food, laughing and having a good time with his friends, antagonizing his mother-in-law and travelling to see all of America's beauty... not necessarily in that order.  Dan's favorite restaurants are: The Cheesecake Factory (but he hates cheesecake!), K-Machos Mexican Restaurant and Freddy's.

 Dan brings a new energy to the ministry and we couldn't be more excited to embark on this new horizon for Faithful Crossings!  Please make sure to make both Dan and Beverly welcome when you see them at our concerts- we know you will be blessed!

 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

-John 1:1