The NEW CDs Have Arrived!

We just got the shipment of new CDs in today and will be mailing them out right away!  If you have pre-ordered, your copy should arrive this coming week!  If you have been waiting until the final product is here then, wait no more!

Our publisher, Les Butler, had this to say about our project:

"I must first thank my friends, The Coffmans, for introducing me to Faithful Crossings.  I first heard Faithful Crossings on Facebook as they sang a couple of a capella songs.  The blend was very, very good.  After some conversations, I agreed to produce their new recording.  What a great experience on every level. 

These folks are genuine; real!  The only thing larger than their immense talents, are their hearts.  During the recording process, there were multiple "life" moments that could have easily stopped this recording from being completed; very serious, life moments!  They had a laser-like focus on the task at hand.  The were bent on finishing this project which would encourage and challenge the saint, while convicting the sinner. 

The songs are strong, production is very strong and singing is stronger yet! 

Please don't make the mistake of missing out by not listening to this incredible music! 

Simply stated, I am immensely proud of this recording! 

Les Butler, Producer 

Butler Music Group/Family Music Group"


To commemorate this new CD, we're sharing a lyric video of one of the new songs titled: Shepherd of My Soul- you can view it on the home page of our website; just scroll down!


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