A New Book in the Works...

Our main desire as Faithful Crossings is to spread the message of the HOPE that we have in Jesus Christ... not just for our eternal home in Heaven but also HOPE down here on Earth... this has always been the aim of our ministry because we know that most of the audience at our concerts are Christians but many of them are living a defeated life.
Over the years God has done some pretty amazing things in our lives; times that God showed up and rescued us when we had no hope left... we call them miracles...  and that's what this book is all about... short stories of all of the times God was faithful!

Now, here's where it gets exciting... has God worked a miracle in your life?  Perhaps he healed you when the Doctors gave you no chance, maybe he provided for you when you could not provide for yourself, maybe he restored your  marriage or your family, the list goes on and on... Now, have you ever wished there was a way that you could tell more people about what God has done for you?  We want YOU to share your story with us and it could be one of the featured stories in this book that will be used to give hope and a testimony of God's faithfulness to those who need it most!

Here's how to get involved... all you have to do is email us at tammy@faithfulcrossings.com and give us your name, contact information and tell us your story.  We want to hear from you so, sit down, remember what God has done in your life, write it down and send it to us and be a blessing to others!

If your story is selected for the book, it will have the credit listed as: "Submitted by Joe Smith of  Atlanta, GA" (example)
The picture above is not a reflection of the book cover, just a title to get your attention; the book title and cover will be revealed closer to book release time!
Have other questions- feel free to ask!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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